SA Club Attendance Study – Wilmington Blue Rocks

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In April, our SA club was provided an opportunity to speak with Mr. Chris Kemple, General Manager of the Wilmington Blue Rocks Baseball Club (High-A affiliate of KC Royals) and provided an attendance data analysis from 2010-2014.  Below is our presentation:

WPHS Sports Analytics – Blue Rocks Project (1)


How analytics is influencing player and game performance

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A wonderful article illustrating the rationale of importance in analytics in a variety of sports! Very well written article!

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We all know that analytics is playing a very big role in making correct decisions by taking data into consideration. Now in this blog, I want to discuss how analytics is playing a role in sports. Analytics in sports is divided into three broad areas. They are:

  1. Analytics in player and game performance
  2. Business Analytics in sports
  3. Player health and injury analytics

These three areas are very broad in terms of their applications.  When it comes to analytics in player and game performance, focus will be on three crucial decisions that a team needs to take which are selecting the best possible players for a team, fielding the best possible teams on a given day and taking the best possible decisions on the court. Second major type of application in sports will revolve around business applications. They are analytics for ticket pricing, fan loyalty analysis, social media, and fan engagement…

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What can we expect from Kang Jung-ho?

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Very insightful article from our friends and sports analytics colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University!

CMU Tartan Sports Analytics

By Byung Joon Yoon

What can we expect from Kang Jung-ho, the newest recruit of the Pittsburgh Pirates hailing from Korea? The Pirates spent 16 million dollars on posting for Kang over a guaranteed 4-year contract. Then the question becomes, can Kang live up to the expectation of the team and prove worthy of his contract? Let’s find out. From my last article, we expected slash line of .242/.303/.346/.649. We will try and calculate Wins Above Replacement, and assuming $5 million per each WAR, try to determine if he is expected to pay for himself. We will also try to draw some conclusions, stemming from his WAR calculation and his situation with the Pirates. For ease of calculation, we’ll assume that he will get full-time play at shortstop, while in fact it is pretty likely that he will be used as utility man; so there is a possibility of over-calculation.


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Thank you to the entire staff at for their support of our program and mention on Twitter earlier this spring!  We greatly appreciate any donations toward the support and funding our our student campus program!


Inaugural Post!

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Welcome to the WPHS Sports Analytics Club site!  This site is dedicated to sports analytics topics studied by our William Penn High School students.  On this site, we look forward to providing our readers with insightful information, research, and debate in a variety of sports disciplines.

We thank you for your support of our team!  Please contact us via Twitter if you have interest in collaborating!