The William Penn High School Sports Analytics Club (WPSAC) is a group of students dedicated to learning data analysis and statistics in sports.  Students work after-school, hone their skills, and have the opportunity to tackle analytics issues within local sports organizations.

The Sports Analytics Club is a group of students from grades 9-12 dedicated to the promotion of college and career readiness. William Penn High School is a 2400-student high school and many of our students come from homes where they would be the first-generation college student. This program was created to illustrate to students opportunities in college as well as in a variety of public and private industries.


The mission of the William Penn Sports Analytics Club (WPSAC) is to educate students about current thinking in professional sports that will allow them to contribute and be considered for positions in the world of sports. More so than ever before, analytics are pervasive in professional sport franchises, from the roster composition and player acquisition perspective, but also in their marketing, sales, and finance arms. Additionally, advanced analytics are now commonly used by other sports organizations, such as agencies and online analysis sites. This club has the dual function of helping familiarize students with advanced analytics and some statistical methods, and allowing those students to publicly display their knowledge and skills in a forum available for potential employers through internships with William Penn High School sports teams and local/national sports organizations.


WPSAC looks to build on their knowledge and understanding to assist coaches and sports organizations in reaching their ultimate potential on the field of play.


Students can provide the following services:

  • Game data tabulation
  • Practice data tabulation
  • Analysis of data through Google apps, Microsoft Excel, and other software
  • Meeting/Consultation with players, coaches, and staff about findings
  • Personalized analysis based on team’s goals and needs

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