Month: September 2015

How Advanced Analytics are Impacting Sports

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Download our new free report “Data Analytics in Sports: How Playing with Data Transforms the Game,” by Janine Barlow, to learn how advanced predictive analytics are impacting the world of sports. Sports are the perfect playing field on which data scientists can play their game — there are finite structures and distinct goals. Many of […]


Money Ball in the NFL: How the Indianapolis Colts are Positioned to Deal with the Salary Cap

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Wonderful article from our friends in the CMU Sports Analytics Club on the Colts and their salary!

CMU Tartan Sports Analytics

By Max Partlo

There are certain realities of managing an NFL team, the first of which, is that it is very hard to become a good team. Secondly, it might be even harder to keep a good team together. Looking at the Seattle Seahawks, we saw a team so deep with young talent coming up on expiring contracts, that come payday, they faced critical personnel decisions and tradeoffs. In dealing with these contract decisions, a funny trend came to light. At every turn, the Seahawks chose to keep their talented players at a high cost, forfeiting valuable cap space at the expense of depth and flexibility down the line. As the numbers stand now, the Seahawks have committed upwards of $139 million to the top 13 players on their roster, in terms of cap hit for the 2016 season, while still having to resign their star left tackle and resolve…

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