Month: August 2015

Sports Analytics: Accelerating In-Game Decision-Making through Analytics Insights

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A detailed report on the topical trends on Sports Analytics – the world view, and adoption.


WPHS Sports Analytics / SAS Partnership with JMP Software

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The William Penn High School Sports Analytics Club is honored to partner with SAS in use of their JMP Pro software package for data visualization and statistical analysis for the 2015-16 school year.

The team will be using the JMP Pro software package to analyze data from past, present, and future projects.  Team moderator and math instructor Jesse McNulty is quoted, “SAS is a global analytics software provider, and our students are very honored to be provided an opportunity to experiment and investigate with their powerful technology packages.”  McNulty also states, “JMP is a package used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and Major League Baseball professional organizations, and our students will have the chance to build their knowledge base and foundation in statistical analysis.”

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Many thanks to Tom Donnelly, Principal Customer Advocate for the SAS Institute, Inc., and Arati Mejdal, Global Social Media Manager for JMP Software of the SAS Institute, Inc. for your time, generosity, and the great opportunity that has been presented to the WPHS Sports Analytics Club!