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An Introduction to Advanced Statistics in Hockey

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Analytics. It’s a kind of topic that could start a war in the hockey world. The traditional media looks at is meaningless numbers, while the newer media looks at is a new look at hockey. Personally, I’m a firm believer in the analytical side of hockey, as it provides me with a new outlook on the game. It’s always interesting to me to watch a game, and then check the stats to see if it matched what I saw. Obviously, advanced statistics aren’t everything, but they provide some more information to the hockey fans who choose to use it.

Which is why I bring it up. Obviously, not every hockey fan is familiar with analytics, so I figured it be a good idea to write up a quick summary of some advanced statistics to you, the readers. After all, if I want to hang on to your attention, you have…

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Analyzing the Phil Kessel Trade

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The first day of NHL free agency brought about both free agent signings and transactions between teams, with the biggest transaction being Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Phil Kessel dealt along with Tim Erixon, Tyler Biggs, and a second round pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, a first round pick (lottery protected), and a third round pick in 2016. In addition to these pieces, the Maple Leafs also retained 15% ($1.2 million per season) of Kessel’s salary. By analyzing Kessel’s underlying possession numbers, point production, the return the Leafs received, and comparable trades that have occurred in the past for top-line wingers, the Leafs did not receive good enough value for Phil Kessel. With that said, there is some validity to the point that management did the best they could in the context by which this deal was made considering Kessel’s Limited No Trade Clause that…

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