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Cook Hired for WP Basketball Program

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Damien Cook, rising 10th grader and member of WPHS SA Club, has been hired and tasked with pioneering the basketball analytics program with the William Penn High School men’s basketball program.  Cook will be integrating a variety of statistics and data visualization into the program in the hopes to provide a competitive advantage for the team.

Steve Christensen, head coach of the Colonial’s men’s basketball team is quoted, “This is a new opportunity for high school sports here at William Penn, and we are excited to develop this together with Damien and the support of the sports analytics program.”



NBA Backcourts: Are the Splash Bros the best guard duo in recent history?

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Another great article from our friends in the CMU Sports Analytics Club!

CMU Tartan Sports Analytics

By Maksim Horowitz  (@bklynmaks) and Mohin Banker

A decade ago, the NBA was dominated by towering big men. Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki were giants who could post up at will. But now, they are fading into irrelevance as an era of elite guards begins. We term these perimeter players “the backcourt”. Players like Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard are examples of sharp-shooting guards who bring the game away from the basket. Even big men are evolving – Serge Ibaka and LaMarcus Aldridge are learning to translate their mid-range jumpers into 3-point shots. The NBA is shifting from an inside-out game to an outside-in game, and that makes the backcourt the two most important players on the court.

Before the start of the 2014-2015 season, Bradley Beal said he and John Wall were “definitely the best backcourt in the league.” (source) Dion…

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Abandon Ship… in May?

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From our friends of CMU SA club – very detailed article on why Pirates fans should not throw in the towel yet!

CMU Tartan Sports Analytics

Polanco Fail

By Ron Yurko (@flyingSerb21)

It’s easy to forget how long the baseball season really is.  In 2014 it seemed the Oakland Athletics were destined for glory, with blockbuster trades for aces like Samardzija and Lester it was clear the A’s were going for a deep run in the playoffs.  Except the MLB season is 162 games, and in mid-August the wheels fell off for Oakland.  The Los Angeles Angels overcame the A’s to win the AL West, leaving the A’s to lose a heartbreaker to the Kansas City Royals in the AL wildcard game.  What seemed to be guaranteed for months, fell apart in such a short amount of time.

After another extra-inning loss on May 20th to the Minnesota Twins, the Pittsburgh Pirates fell to 18-22 on the year and are 9 games back in the NL Central to the St. Louis Cardinals.  A quarter of the way through…

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Minnesota Timberwolves Win NBA Draft Lottery With #1 Pick

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Only the 3rd time in 22 years that the team with the best chance to win the draft lottery wins!

As reported on ESPN, The Minnesota Timberwolves catch a big break by winning the #1 Pick in this year’s upcoming NBA Draft.

The Los Angeles Lakers followed with the #2 pick while the Philadelphia 76ers rounded out the top 3 with the #3 pick.

Its going to be interesting to see where Top prospects Karl-Anthony TownsJahlil Okafor and D’Angelo Russell get drafted among the top teams in the draft.

Minnesota is hoping to capitalize on pairing recently acquired 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year, Andrew Wiggins, with one of the top drat picks to make a deep run for the playoffs next season.

The 2015 NBA Draft will be held June 25th in Brooklyn, NY.

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5 Best Practices For Creating A Great Analytics Report

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Great list of best practices for SA reporting!

Geoffrey Blosat

Analytics Best Practices

When you’re a marketer, you need to justify your decisions and how your decisions impact the company. So when sending your superiors reports on research and performance results, you will need to make sure they are top-notch.

In today’s technological age, data and information are readily available to collect on nearly any topic. Web traffic is just one of them. Tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture make all kinds of information readily available to you. Besides, your boss will be looking for numbers which can translate into dollars.

Same goes in sports. When trying to strategize and make gameplans when facing opposing teams, you need to be able to present information to managers correctly. Also, when trying to determine your team’s next big signing or why one player should get more starts over another, you need to be able to show why intelligently.

So how can you create reports that…

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How One-and-Dones are Transforming College Basketball

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Wonderful article from our friends at Carnegie Mellon University!

CMU Tartan Sports Analytics

The Duke Blue Devils were crowned the 2015 NCAA national champions after coming back in this year’s title game to beat the much older, and more experienced, Wisconsin Badgers. They accomplished this with eight scholarship players, four of whom were freshmen. Prior to the tournament, many thought Duke’s lack of experience would result in heartbreak, similar to last year’s first round loss to Mercer University. As it turned out, this was not the case at all.

Duke’s last title run was in 2010, and their roster that year looked a lot different from this season’s. Five years ago, the starting lineup consisted of three seniors and two juniors.  It is also worth noting is that every player on the 2010 roster ended up staying for four years; Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith both came back for their senior year, before going on to the NBA. In the past, Duke’s program…

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2015 NHL Conference Playoff Predictions

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The 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have reached the Conference Finals!  In the East we have the New York Rangers versus the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Anaheim Ducks versus the Chicago Blackhawks for the Western Conference.

We would like to provide our predictions for the Conference Finals results, and the evidence we have to support the claims.  We would also like to thank for the data and information. 2015-05-14 11-56-21

Winner for the East:  New York Rangers

The President’s Cup winning New York Rangers have balanced offensive attack, decent face-off numbers, but rank third in the NHL in the 2015 season with a 92.3% On-Ice Save Percentage, while Tampa Bay ranks a moderate 18th in the league.  While solid, are far below the conference finals playoff pack.

Winner for the West:  Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks rank 2nd in the league in On-Ice Save Percentage, and 3rd in the NHL in Fenwick For %, while the Anaheim Ducks rank 23rd in the NHL in On-Ice Save Percentage, and 12th in Fenwick For %.  Taking into consideration that both teams have releatively the same health and rest from winning their series before the start of the conference finals, it would be interesting to see the statistics work themselves out with Anaheim having home-ice advantage in this playoff series.