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  • Requirements

    We whole-heartedly love new implementations of Sass, but we do have a few restrictions that we ask those implementations to follow in order to call themselves "Sass", "Sass implementations", or the like. Sass is a community as much as it is a language, and it's important that all implementations are willing to work for the good of the community.

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    First, we ask that every implementation adopt the Cashmere Pullover Boutique DKNY Sweater Boutique DKNY qtf08Z for their own implementation-specific communities. Much of what makes the Sass community strong is a culture of kindness and respect, and having clear and explicit guidelines helps produce that culture.

    Second, we ask that implementations not extend the language without agreement from the other major implementations and from the language designers, Natalie and Chris. The only reason a Sass community exists at all is because the language enables styles and frameworks to be shared among designers, and it's crucial for sharing that Sass code that works for one implementation works the same for all of them. In addition, it's important that there be a unified vision for the language design.

  • Making Language Changes

    Sass can still evolve as a language, of course. We're working on putting together a more explicit process for proposing and iterating on new language features, but for now all discussion of changes happens on Wool Pullover Taylor Rebecca Boutique Sweater q0v8nw. Language changes are considered final when they're part of a stable release of the Ruby reference implementation.

    Language changes are discussed collaboratively, with particular weight given to the maintainers of mature Sass implementations. Attempts will be made to reach consensus with all stakeholders. However, this may be impossible in some circumstances, and the ultimate say lies with the lead designer of Sass, Natalie. Chris, the other core designer, also has veto power over any language change.