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Strategy and Puzzle web game by Sacada

LOGistICAL is now on Steam

LOGistICAL has now been moved to Steam. Enjoy the updates, new functionality and now with over 2,000 Steam Achievements.

The advantage of Steam Achievements is that you can see how many others have gained the same achievements as you. Also compare with your friends.


LOGistICAL by sacada

Want to try a huge puzzle and strategy game? It will take you months to get anywhere near completing.
For the casual or intense gamer. You pick your own pace.
There are lots of easy sections scattered all throughout the game so you don't have to sit frustrated trying to get to the next section.

LOGistICAL by sacada

So you have a transport company which you build up to deliver goods.
Each town across the map needs certain goods. Some easy, some hard and lots in between.

Easy enough... except the towns consume your goods once you have delivered them. You need to keep ahead of those consumers to reach the target for each town.
Some towns want lots of things.

The 100+ industry types pump out the goods you need if you keep them supplied with input goods (eg. mung beans and sorghum to the piggery makes pigs and poop (fertilizer)).

Upgrade these industries to make them produce more and faster.
Get rich and buy your own industries and stick them where you want them... according to regional and environmental restrictions :(

Lots of roads are pretty bad, but if you deliver stuff the road builders they will fix it.

You can use and build stores too, so you can dump a bunch of goods there so the big trucks that won't fit in the towns can move them.

If you don't know where to start, there are a bunch of contracts that you can do. You get bonuses from them as well.

The game is actually based on a real map. All the towns exist, populations reflect and the industries are based on actual or historical data.

The whole game is open plan so you can explore and do whatever towns in whatever order you would like, including many simultaneously. Probably not a good idea to stray too far from the start to begin with.

If I haven't already mentioned, there are trucks to buy, roads to get fixed (including bridges and ferries), industries to upgrade, industries to build and cargo-stores to create.

There are many contracts to fulfil, achievements to earn and strategies that you can apply.

The game is very large with over 1000 towns to solve on the first map. Not sure if anyone will ever solve all of them, but I have been trying hard, doing the most complex ones to make sure they can be done.
There are 100s of industries already built and over 100 cargo types to deliver.
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Your saved game is cloud stored, so you can play easily on different computers.

Do a few different towns/suburbs to get the jist of it and then you can relax and enjoy.

LOGistICAL by sacada

LOGistICAL Tutorial #1


Game Play Progress by Me

If you like puzzles, play ‪#‎LOGistICAL‬ FREE at
It starts off small and just keeps growing. Some players say they get the hang of it after about 12 towns. I have completed over 300 towns and am still applying new strategies. I am now trying to finish all the towns in Tasmania which is very hard as there are a lot of quarantined cargoes and it crosses the Tasman Sea, so no big trucks. I am getting there slowly.
Rob has done over 500 towns and has finished all of NSW (towns, industries and roads). Well done! I think he has also finished most of Victoria and is now doing some of SA.
We both have very different play strategies, but we are learning from each other.

Mapping the USA

I have been mapping US data into LOGistICAL and have also created the background image. The roads are slowly coming along. It's a big job and I also have to make sure that it will still work fast and effectively in a browser. The game play works fine.

Here's a first screenshot. I haven't set the zoom of each town so is looking pretty cluttered.

If you want to get in first for a play go to and try the Australia map. Send me a tweet or support request and I will let you know when the USA is ready for a play.

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Trying to finish Hobart

I have been trying to complete Hobart. It is so hard but I am sure it can be done.
Launceston was hard but only half the amount needed. The town consumes so fast in Hobart and there are three lines of satisfy.
I am doing more planning this time.
I WILL MAKE IT!!!... next time.

Edit: YAY... I made it on the third try. Still not easy though.

LOGistICAL Updates 22nd Sept 2015

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Print Chic Front Floral Sleeve Hoodie Long Up Lace Letter Logistical updates for 22nd Sep 2015...

 Complete Regions and States for Bonuses.
 Animations added to map and town popup.
 Lost town in South Australia found and mapped
 Lost truck in shop is now found
 Image of cargo in truck being dragged
 Parked trucks are now spaced out
 Update of graphics and colours
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 Autoload first non-complete tutorial on load
 Update on last save in bottom right corner
 Efficiency is now calculated (Tonnes needed vs Tonnes moved)

 Arrows off screen calculated for border intersection
 Additional security on player details
 Adjusted startup tutorials to ease player into game
Selling ASOS Casual Dress ASOS Selling Dress ASOS Dress Casual Casual ASOS Selling Selling r6rOUw  A bunch of tutorials to cover various aspects of the map and challenges.

Restart your game to see the new updates.

LOGistICAL updates 4th Sep 2015

Logistical updates for 4th Sep 2015...

 Building industries is dependant on region the town is in.
 Regions are now displayed on the map.
 Towns are coloured differently if entire region is done
 You can now see other players games in read-only mode (try one of mine:
 Fixed zooming out of the map too far
 Loading text
 State and Country Achievements are now visible on achievements picture
 Removed white dots from towns that kept appearing
 Fixed a bunch of graphics and colour things
 Reworded the beginning tutorials so the TLDR is at the top
 Added pointers for beginning tutorials to make it easier
 Orphan town changed to functioning town
 Old unused resources removed from town needs

Restart your game to see the new updates.


Bright new palette for LOGistICAL

LOGistICAL now has a new palette. I found that I have a super saturated monitor and the game looks way too dull on my other monitors. That is a problem when you aren't seeing your game on other screens.

I am now testing if I have gone too far the other way and the game is too bright and too glary to handle while playing for long periods.

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LOGistICAL is being promoted on Steam Greenlight, hoping to be picked up as one of the indie games of the month that Steam would have in it's shop.

Give LOGistICAL some love and vote for it on steam greenlight to help make the goal.

LOGistICAL on Steam Greenlight

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Promo Video

I have created a short (less than one minute) promotional video that gives potential players a gist of the game, and also experienced players an idea of what can be done.

Sydney completed!! YAY!!

It took me many goes to finish Sydney. This is the actual town of Sydney, not the area. It requires a lot of coffee to complete.

I failed it about 4 times. During the first goes I hadn't written the no big trucks code so I could still bring large trucks (> 40 tonnes) right into the middle of Sydney, and I still failed it. The town would consume all the coffee before the truck could go back to the plantation and bring the next load. I knew there must be a better way of completing it, so I didn't change the difficulty of this one.

I tried a couple of other strategies, and also had to replenish the supply of coffee, requiring a lot of fertilizer. Each failed, but got me a bit closer. I found overloading storage helped a lot.

In the end I did a quick mental calc to best guess how much Sydney would consume during the time it would take me to deliver, from as close as I could get, using the biggest trucks I could use and prepared that much excess before even starting again.

I did it with four trucks in the end. Most of my fail attempts only used three trucks. I did use some "bonuses" to help me out.

Anyway, I don't want to give too much away and let you figure it out. Just don't start this one until you have a good idea on playing the game.

Now off to try some other tough ones.

Hoodie Lace Long Front Sleeve Floral Print Up Chic Letter sacada.

LOGistICAL is in final beta

LOGistICAL is now playing well.

The player can do all the towns throughout Australia. Industries are provided in NSW, the starting state. If you want to cross the border, try Queensland, as it is only 2 times as hard as NSW (Victoria is 3x and the rest are 5x).

There is heavy quarantine on the Queensland border, so you will have to build a few industries once you get settled. Try creating some storage industries across the border, close to the towns you are trying to complete. That way there is less delivery time and you can beat the town consumption clock.

More tips on the way.

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