Working Group on Disasters

WGDisasters Meeting 9, hosted by the European Commission, in Brussels.

Boutique Lands' Lands' Boutique Guard Rash End Disaster Risk Management (DRM) continues to gain political, economic, and geopolitical importance as disasters cause increasing human and economic losses, and these losses only expected to grow as a result of increasing global urbanization (expected to double by the year 2050) and an increasing number of extreme events (expected to triple by the year 2100).

In November 2013, the CEOS Plenary endorsed the creation of a fifth permanent Working Group, the Working Group on Disasters (WGDisasters), after reviewing and approving the recommendations of an ad hoc team that drafted the CEOS Disaster Risk Management Observation Strategy. The WG Disasters is currently chaired by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), and has two dozen regular members representing as many organizations involved in the use of satellite imagery for disaster risk reduction, response and recovery. The WGDisasters meets by teleconference every two months, and in person every six months, to review progress on pilots, demonstrators, and other on-going disaster-related activity.


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