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Slow-Moving Vehicles

On July 21, 2008, Governor Paterson signed Chapter 350 of the Laws of 2008, which modifies the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law pertaining to slow-moving vehicles. The law, which took effect January 1, 2009, was created in reaction to a 2004 fatal crash in Otsego involving a motorist and farm equipment.

The changes to Vehicle and Traffic Law involve three sections:

The law requires the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee's (GTSC) member agencies to create a slow-moving vehicle public outreach campaign. The campaign is to: inform the general public of the proper use of the slow-moving vehicle emblem; educate the motorists of roadway safety pertaining to agricultural equipment; and include recommendations for operating vehicles safely when encountering agricultural equipment on roadways.

As part of the slow-moving vehicle campaign, the committee, comprised of staff from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, New York State Department of Transportation, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, New York State Police and New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health, met to develop and implement countermeasures.

The committee created educational materials to heighten awareness of sharing the road with such as brochures and a PowerPoint presentation to be used at public events and meetings.

Sharing the Road with Slow-Moving Vehicles (pdf) - Adobe Acrobat® Reader required.

PowerPoint Presentation on sharing the road with Slow-Moving Vehicles.
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Slow Moving Vehicle PowerPoint Notes (pdf) - with instructor's notes

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